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2011 WT publisher statistics with analysis (posted 12/22/11)
RUSSIA: 'This isn't about freedom of conscience or censorship' (posted 12/18/11)
AUSTRALIA: Crisis of Conscience within the Traralgon Congregation of JWs? – #1 (posted 12/12/11)
U.S. Military to Train in Bloodless Medicine (posted 12/8/11)
Blood-free kidney transplant carried out between two Jehovah’s Witnesses (posted 12/3/11)
Jehovah's Witnesses Spend Thanksgiving Knocking on Doors (posted 11/24/11)
Jehovah's Witnesses warned about refusing blood transfusion (posted 11/21/11)
Cults in Culture: Jehovah's Witnesses and End Times (Part 3) (posted 11/15/11)
Jehovah's Witness college basketball star at life's crossroads (posted 11/12/11)
First transfusion of lab-grown human blood succeeds (posted 11/12/11)
A Firm Stand on Blood Transfusions (posted 11/11/11)
Blood transfusion would likely have saved Jehova's Witness patient (posted 11/10/11)
Economic climate a breeding ground for cults (posted 11/1/11)
Oct. 22nd Zone Meeting: Facts and figures presented to ticketed-only audiences (posted 10/31/11)
Gilead School Changes to be read to all Congregations (posted 10/27/11)
It will take years for the WT to completely leave Brooklyn (posted 10/24/11)
NEW AJWRB blood brochure to download, print and use (posted 10/14/11)
Former JW NY Corporation President Max Larson Dies (posted 10/11/11)
Jehovah's Witnesses and (Academic) Dialogue with Non-Members at the Society of Biblical Literature? (posted 10/2/11)
The Watchtower: Those who leave Jehovah’s Witnesses are “mentally diseased” (posted 9/30/11)
Jehovah's Witnesses investigated by police over hate crimes in Watchtower magazine (posted 9/27/11)
War of Words Breaks Out Among Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 9/26/11)
Alledged "Ponzi" scheme by JW leaders leaves over 750 Witnesses' lives shattered (posted 9/25/11)
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of NY Pay $3.2M for Flex Building (posted 9/24/11)
Donate Blood and Get a Chance to Win a $100 Gas Card (posted 9/23/11)
Jehovah's Witness stands trial for pedophile sex offenses in Britain (posted 9/21/11)
Alleged Radical Islam Crackdown, Jehovah's Witnesses Make It into US State Report on Bulgaria (posted 9/13/11)
Tick-borne babesiosis parasite infecting blood supply, CDC says (posted 9/6/11)
New Zealand's "Let God’s Kingdom Come!" Convention (posted 9/6/11)
Venus Williams’ Toughest Match (posted 9/1/11)
Silentlambs Alert! on Rick Brown going door-to-door (posted 8/17/11)
U.S. Military decides to 'abstain from blood' (posted 8/16/11)
WT's Brooklyn property gains a billion dollars in value (posted 8/11/11)
In Unusual Move, Brokerage To Handle Sale of Watchtower Buildings (posted 8/3/11)
Russia: Protests in Rostov against Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 7/31/11)
Australia: Steven Unthank's Press Release: JW's Hierarchy Formally Charged Today With Child Abuse (posted 7/27/11)
The story of Ex-Jehovah's Witness Danny Haszard: How Cults Ruin Lives (posted 7/13/11)
Drama District Assembly 2011 (posted 7/12/11)
Jehovah ’s Witness won case against Armenia in European Court (posted 7/8/11)
Jehovah's Witnesses Childhood Story - Brenda Lee (posted 7/6/11)
Euro Court Backs JWs Against French Fine (posted 6/30/11)
Protest against the Watchtower June 25th 2011 Quebec city, Canada (posted 6/24/11)
Doctors, Police "fight off" Jehovah's Witnesses over blood transfusion (posted 6/20/11)
Jehovah’s Witnesses among the lowest earners (posted 6/11/11)
The many "generation" changes illustrated (posted 6/11/11)
News Release: Jehovah’s Witnesses can accept transfusion of cryosupernatant plasma (posted 6/8/11)
Audio and Video Museum of Historical Watchtower-related Lectures (posted 5/29/11)
Experience leads to film about Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 5/29/11)
Harold Camping, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Population Bombers (posted 5/27/11)
Michael Jackson's children spruce up in their smartest clothes for weekly worship with grandmother (posted 5/23/11)
Birds of the same feather: Harold Camping, founders of Seventh-day Adventist and Jehovah Witness movements (posted 5/23/11)
Jehovah's Witnesses may win chaplains in French jails (posted 5/21/11)
Protests at Watch Tower Conventions (posted 5/21/11)
Jehovah’s Witness endeavors to hide religion after getting caught! (posted 4/26/11)
Belgian nationalists Jehovah's Witness acquitted in Russia (posted 4/26/11)
Jehovah's Witness acquitted in Russia (posted 4/21/11)
VIDEO: Violent bloody protest at the Memorial in Burgas, Bulgaria (posted 4/19/11)
Memorial - How many on here went and how many didn't? (posted 4/19/11)
12 children killed in Brazil JW connected (posted 4/16/11)
Watch Tower Society Facing Criminal Charges and Indictment in Australia (posted 4/11/11)
Former Jehovah's Witness taking on Watch Tower in Australia (posted 4/11/11)
Jehovah's Witnesses called "atypical sectarian" in France (posted 4/11/11)
More evidence Jesus died on a cross (posted 3/31/11)
Night Stalker: how Delroy Grant picked his targets (posted 3/24/11)
Blood Ban by Jehovah's Witnesses (U.K.) (posted 3/11/11)
Man found guilty, mentally ill in daughter's death (posted 2/28/11)
Report Shows Alternative Revenue for Brooklyn Bridge Park Could Reach Nearly $7 Million (posted 2/22/11)
US Branch Stats direct from the Service Dept (posted 2/16/11)
JW ministers want to become chaplains in prison before a tribunal (posted 2/2/11)
Hospital Sought Court Ordered Blood Transfusion for Baby after Jehovah's Witnesses Denied Blood (posted 1/31/11)
Teenage Jehovah's Witness 'died after refusing blood' (posted 1/24/11)
Family ties cut for ex-Jehovah's Witness from Wells (posted 1/24/11)
World wide protest against Watchtower has now begun... First photos in from USA (posted 1/21/11)
Jan 21, 2011 and Later Demonstrations Against Watchtower's Discrimination (posted 1/21/11)
Jehovah's Witnesses sue RA Public Television (posted 1/17/11)
Ireland orders transfusion for baby of Jehovah’s Witnesses (posted 1/13/11)
Anti-shunning demonstration (posted 1/10/11)
New site for Watchtower Court Documents (posted 1/5/11)

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