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Witnesses on the Fringe (outlandish older news items)

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February 2011 KM - no more daily text before service (posted 12/31/10)
WTBTS Elder and Ministerial Servant Problems (posted 12/31/10)
BOE LTR Dec 26, 2010 "Increased Activity April 2011"....Transcript (posted 12/31/10)
Russia uses extremism law to target dissenters (posted 12/16/10)
Baby Dies After Parents Refuse Blood Transfusion (posted 12/11/10)
ROME – Demonstration against ostracism and shunning (posted 12/09/10)
APPRENTICE's Michelle Massey stuns her Jehovah's Witness family when forced to confront Playboy past (posted 12/06/10)
News analysis: Good ideas are few for avoiding housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park (posted 12/05/10)
Leasowe man paid 13-year-old girl to keep quiet about sex abuse (posted 12/05/10)
RUSSIA: City administration considered liquidation of religious community "necessary" (posted 12/01/10)
Hamish Champ: Faith and the art of avoiding doorsteppers (posted 11/29/10)
Independent Film About Spiritual Abuse - Los Angeles Premiere - November 29th (posted 11/23/10)
"Higher Education Is Like A Gun Shooting Out A Brain Tumor" (posted 11/18/10)
Welcome 2 America by Prince (posted 11/9/10)
Jehovah’s Witness in Iceland Accused of Sex Offenses (posted 11/9/10)
Michael Jackson's mother and children on Oprah today (posted 11/8/10)
Train kills Jehovah's Witness stabbing suspect (posted 11/8/10)
Brazilian billboards having an impact on the Watchtower - backlash (posted 11/3/10)
Blood management services a growing trend (posted 10/25/10)
The French Miviludes (Interministerial commission for monitoring and combating cultic deviances) publishes a new brochure guide called : "La protection des mineurs contre les dérives sectaires"(The protection of minors against cultic deviances). (posted 10/14/10)
Watchtower magazine most widely distributed in the world now (posted 10/6/10)
Jehovahs Witnesses make money calling for end of the world (posted 9/28/10)
Letters to elders concerning the new elder's book - paranoia (posted 9/23/10)
NH court: sex offender can't attend church (posted 9/17/10)
Watchtower’s Answer Shows Blood Doctrine Is False (posted 9/15/10)
Good Works Can't Compensate for Mormon Assault on Others' Civil Rights (posted 9/12/10)
Discovery Channel gunman prosecuted here for alien smuggling was a JW for ten years (posted 9/2/10)
BRCI Conference Sept. 17-18 in Illinois (posted 8/29/10)
Witnesses Now for Jesus Convention Oct 15-17 in PA (posted 8/29/10)
Missouri Grade School: Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ Song is ‘Insensitive’ (posted 8/28/10)
RUSSIA: First criminal charges against Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 8/26/10)
"Bloodless" medical care offered in San Diego, Calif. (posted 8/26/10)
Malawian Jehovah's Witness Girl rejects scholarship (posted 8/18/10)
"Fresh Lens": - a new perspective (posted 8/16/10)
Development plans for Watchtower property proceeding on schedule (posted 8/5/10)
RUSSIA: Outdoor activity harassed, banned and violently attacked (posted 7/26/10)
The organization’s portfolio totals 25 Brooklyn properties that are said to be worth at least $1 billion (posted 7/21/10)
Serena Williams: Thank God I am Jehovah's Witness Otherwise... (posted 7/18/10)
RUSSIA: Will Jehovah's Witness and Armenian-rite Catholic court victories be respected? (posted 7/12/10)
Hundreds of deaf, hard-of-hearing Jehovah's Witnesses gather in Norco for annual conference (posted 7/10/10)
Prince declares "Internet is over" (posted 7/5/10)
NH sex offender claims religious rights denied (posted 6/29/10)
Repeat sex offender living in parking garage (posted 6/22/10)
PROUD KIDS' TRIBUTE TO DAD JACKO to be held at Northridge Kingdom Hall (posted 6/20/10)
Jehovah’s Witnesses of Moscow v. Russia (application no. 302/02) (posted 6/17/10)
Ted Jaracz of Watchtower's Governing Body (the "boss") Passes Away (posted 6/9/10)
Ray Franz passes away (posted 6/2/10)
C.A. Overturns Order Requiring Minor to Undergo Transfusions (posted 6/2/10)
Ray Franz has had a stroke (posted 6/1/10)
Another change in distribution of magazines to publishers (posted 5/27/10)
Upcoming annual conferences of International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) (posted 5/27/10)
Governing Body closing down and selling Central American Branches to be serviced out of Mexican Branch (posted 5/26/10)
Ron’s Rapists Strike Again (posted 5/21/10)
Pals mourn Smethwick crash victim Joshua McAuley who refused blood (posted 5/17/10)
Jehovah Couple Disown Son For Receiving Blood (posted 5/4/10)
Bloodless Kidney Transplants (posted 5/1/10)
German, 83, jailed for foiled Jehovahs slaughter (posted 4/20/10)
LEBANON: In Muslim Middle East, Jehovah's Witnesses congregate in secret (posted 4/17/10)
Russia: Jehovah's Witnesses treated as "terrorists" (posted 4/14/10)
BELIEF: A Documentary by Mani Garcia April 14th (posted 4/12/10)
Combat That Cult (Psychology Today) (posted 4/3/10)
Jehovah paedo's 40 years of rape (posted 3/31/10)
Scientology: A history of violence series starts tonight on Anderson Cooper 360 (posted 3/30/10)
The Memorial: What is wrong with it (posted 3/30/10)
RUSSIA: Raids, literature confiscations and criminal case in Tambov (posted 3/23/10)
Russia: As Russian Lutherans come under suspicion for “terrorism”, police shows ignorance about religion (posted 3/15/10)
Sex Offender Sues For Right To Go Door to Door (posted 3/15/10)
More than 50 Jehovah’s Witnesses arrested in Russia for taking part in a public protest (posted 3/11/10)
Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk (posted 3/7/10)
Call for new approach to transfusion refusals (posted 2/27/10)
Historic Turning Point - After Century in Brooklyn, Watchtower Pulls Out of Heights (posted 2/23/10)
Witnesses, blood and spiritual complications by film maker Joel P. Engardio (posted 2/18/10)
Like a good neighbor, Watchtower is There (posted 2/13/10)
Jehovah's Witness dies after refusing blood transfusion (posted 2/11/10)
The knock at the door that turned my parents into brainwashed fanatics - and nearly cost my life (posted 2/9/10)
Jehovah's Witnesses Bloodless Surgeries Propaganda (posted 2/8/10)
Why Spanish Jehovah's Witnesses are Upset Over Bethel Move (posted 2/4/10)
Australian Jehovah's Witness Bilks $100M out of investors (posted 1/29/10)
Supreme Court declines to hear Calgary father's lawsuit against Jehovah's Witness church (posted 1/29/10)
Unbaptized Jehovah's Witness goes on 19-hour rampage, kills 8 from family and friends (posted 1/25/10)
Watchtower Circuit Assembly Tells JWs to dump Facebook (posted 1/25/10)
Jackson kids spend Christmas with nanny to celebrate (posted 1/20/10)
Japan Bethel downsizes with layoffs (posted 1/20/10)
Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses for Haiti Relief website online (posted 1/17/10)
“THIS GENERATION” Teaching Changes for 6th Time in upcoming April 15, 2010 Watchtower (posted 1/16/10)
The Russian government confirms condemnation of Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 1/11/10)
2009 Annual Report on Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 1/08/10)
Different health care reform: doctors trained to deal with patients about faith (posted 1/5/10)
International Cultic Studies 2010 Annual Conference - New York City - July 1-3, 2010 (posted 1/2/10)


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