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Witnesses on the Fringe (outlandish older news items)

SoCal's Most Wanted: Alleged Molester Frederick McLean Still On The Run (posted 12/29/09)
Refusing blood cost Jehovah’s Witness her life (posted 12/18/09)
Silentlambs - Ten Years Assisting Jehovah’s Witnesses (posted 12/17/09)
Study: Religion repressed in third of all nations (posted 12/17/09)
Moscow Bans 34 extremist Jehovah's Witness publications (posted 12/8/09)
Call this the spirit of Christmas? (posted 12/3/09)
End of the World? It's happened before (posted 11/24/09)
Married father-of-seven appears in court over 'Night Stalker' rapes in London (posted 11/16/09)
Jehovah’s Witnesses write to Medvedev, tell him they are persecuted like in Soviet times (posted 11/14/09)
Australian man Jailed for Life over Religious Killing (posted 11/9/09)
Murrieta man sentenced to Life in prison without parole (posted 11/9/09)
Murrieta man expected to be sentenced Friday for murder of wife (posted 11/5/09)
Jersey City lot's parking discount criticized (posted 11/4/09)
Watchtower Trick or Tracts in the North Heights (posted 10/31/09)
RUSSIA: Jehovah's Witnesses to be banned? (posted 10/23/09)
Watchtower Acquires Additional Property Near Wallkill, N.Y. (posted 10/20/09)
Elizabeth Clare Prophet dies at 70; former leader of religious sect (posted 10/19/09)
Belarusian Jehovah's Witness Charged For Refusing To Join Army (posted 10/13/09)
South Korea: Adventist Conscientious Objector Jailed (posted 10/13/09)
Swedish government declines to give Jehovah's Witnesses financial support (posted 10/13/09)
Pa. judge says inmate can refuse blood transfusion (posted 10/7/09)
Altai court condemns Jehovah’s Witnesses for “extremism” (posted 10/5/09)
Court: Priest sex abuse papers must be released (posted 10/5/09)
Church denies moving children to avoid transfusions (posted 9/28/09)
Feds sue business, claiming religious discrimination (posted 9/28/09)
It's Time to Ignore the Doom Merchants and Set Ourselves Free (posted 9/22/09)
End of Life Care issues (posted 9/22/09)
Jehovah’s witnesses in Nigeria schedule 232 conventions in 32 cities (posted 9/18/09)
Garrido's Twisted Path Led Often to God (posted 9/12/09)
Elders spying on Facebook to find naughty Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 9/10/09)
It's beyond belief Nancy Garrido didn't know what was going on (posted 9/1/09)
Rave French case reveals Scientology secrets (posted 9/1/09)
Lawrence Hughes will not go down quietly re: the death of his daughter (posted 8/23/09)
Michael Jackson's birthday burial in Watchtower's long shadow (posted 8/23/09) 
"New Light" on head coverings for sisters (posted 8/22/09) 
Will Jackson kids be raised Catholic or Jehovah's Witnesses? (posted 8/10/09) 
82-year-old man in Germany planned shooting at Jehovah's Witnesses meeting, gun jams (posted 8/4/09) 
Reports on shocking physical abuse in Scientology leadership (posted 8/2/09) 
The Insights to Jehovah's Witnesses-Sharing God's truth at your Door Seminar - August 8th 2009 (posted 7/27/09) 
The Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (posted 7/21/09) 
Katherine Jackson's Guardianship: Are the Kids Becoming Jehovah's Witnesses? (posted 7/21/09) 
Michael Jackson’s daughter sings for Jehovah’s Witness service in LA (posted 7/21/09) 
Sign up now for October Cult Conference in Denver with ICSA (posted 7/20/09) 
Jackson's Mother Katherine Opens Up about Family (posted 7/14/09) 
Jacksons' tense negotiations over religion at Michael's memorial service end in stalemate (posted 7/6/09) 
Firpo Carr said Michael Jackson wanted kids raised as Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 7/3/09) 
The Family, Faith and Fate of Michael Jackson (posted 7/1/09) 
West Coast Network for Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses Conference (posted 6/30/09) 
State action against Jehovah’s Witnesses threatens religious freedom for all in Tajikistan (posted 6/30/09) 
Jacko Body off to 'Neverland' (posted 6/30/09) 
Ex-Jehovah's Witness Michael Jackson dead at 50 (posted 6/25/09) 
Jehovah's Witnesses and Mental Violation (posted 6/24/09) 
Ramapo and Jehovah's Witnesses talk payments instead of taxes (posted 6/18/09) 
Jehovah's witnesses face increased risk of death during childbirth (posted 6/10/09) 
As of 2010 all the magazine printing and distribution will be moved to Canada (posted 6/7/09) 
Help by seasoned former members for all your JW concerns (posted 6/4/09) 
Opportunity Lost in Bethany Hughes' case (posted 5/29/09) 
Did Bethany have a choice? (posted 5/29/09) 
Watchtower Rep Ciro Aulicino gives talk revealing how Jehovah's Witnesses think (posted 5/28/09) 
Murdered woman left 5-pg letter disassociating herself. Husband on Trial (posted 5/28/09) 
Scientology on Trial in France: Can a Religion Be Banned? (posted 5/28/09) 
KYRGYZSTAN: Crackdown follows new Religion Law (posted 5/28/09) 
Man sees subtle victory in fight against Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 5/27/09) 
Book Review: "I'm Perfect, You're Doomed" (posted 5/24/09) 
Friday Watchtower District Convention Releases DVD (posted 5/24/09) 
France declares war on Sect influence in the United Nations (posted 5/20/09) 
Watchtower Governing Body member Ted Jaracz has stroke (posted 5/20/09) 
10 Years Japan losses 5,400 Publishers and 638 Kingdom Halls (posted 5/20/09) 
Law professor discusses controversial medical neglect case (posted 5/19/09) 
Shunned Jehovah's Witness depressed and asked to be killed (posted 5/14/09) 
Witnesses Choose Former Flatbush Theater for District Convention (posted 5/12/09) 
Dad wants to widen lawsuit over teen's leukemia death (posted 5/9/09) 
Ramapo denies tax exemption for Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 5/3/09) 
Parents prosecuted for forcing girl to join Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 5/2/09) 
Prince Does Rare TV Interview, Talks Obama, Chemtrails On PBS (posted 4/29/09) 
Changing religions not uncommon, survey says (posted 4/29/09) 
Witness brothers' twisted tale: One a rapist, accused killer; other convicted murderer (posted 4/29/09) 
Ireland Blood Appeal Abandoned (posted 4/21/09) 
Court: State must pay Jehovah's Witness benefits (posted 4/21/09) 
Visit the Free Minds new portal to all things Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 4/20/09) 
Towleroad says Prince is not Gay but a Fancy Lesbian (posted 4/17/09) 
Elder Rapes 11 year-old girl in Kailahun (posted 4/17/09) 
Property-tax exemptions raise ire in town (posted 4/13/09) 
Why accept another's claim of the supernatural without being critical? (Youtube) (posted 4/7/09) 
Jehovah's Witnesses to hold memorial (posted 4/7/09) 
Playful approach lightens account of growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness (posted 4/7/09) 
Transfusion policy for Jehovah's Witnesses needed, forum told (posted 4/4/09) 
Watchtower buys acreage in upstate New York for new Bethel home (posted 4/2/09) 
Will Watchtower Keep World Headquarters Here? (posted 4/2/09) 
Door-to-Door Soliciting Rules Proposed by Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio (posted 3/28/09) 
Blood lawsuit goes forward against the Org. Conference call Sat. March 28 (posted 3/28/09) 
2009 “Keep on the Watch” District Convention schedule talks (posted 3/28/09) 
World's Apart film playing (posted 3/23/09) 
Watchtower a Cult? (posted 3/23/09) 
Watchtower Society Jehovah's Witnesses: Are They a Cult? (posted 3/21/09) 
Russia launches nationwide investigations aimed at banning the activity of JWs (posted 3/12/09) 
Former teacher jailed for trying to abduct girl in Holywell (posted 3/12/09) 
A Workshop for Second-Generation Former Members (posted 3/12/09) 
Literature of Jehovah's Witnesses found "extremist" in Russia (posted 3/2/09) 




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