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Witnesses on the Fringe (outlandish older news items)


JW congregations argue first amendment rights in abuse case (posted 12/18/03)
Michael Jackson reportedly joins Nation of Islam on eve of charges (posted 12/18/03)
DUMBO area of Brooklyn Heights says 'No' to Watchtower housing development project (posted 12/15/03)
NYC play about how a former JW was banned from the religion that he followed for decades (posted 12/11/03)
JW Paedophile's lenient sentence increased (posted 12/10/03)
Eccentric, maybe, but their kingdom keeps coming (Sydney convention) (posted 12/9/03)
Bob Passantino, noted Christian cult apologist, dies (posted 12/8/03)
JW congregations want court order in sexual abuse case (posted 12/4/03)
AFF Cult Conference in Alberta in June 2004 (posted 12/4/03)
Teen pleads innocent to setting fire to Kingdom Hall (posted 12/2/03)
Watchtower Society sued for covering up for man accused of molestation (posted 12/1/03)
Margaret Singer - expert on brainwashing - passes away at 82 (posted 11/25/03)
Calgary, Canada WT protest pictures from Oct 22, 2003 (posted 11/25/03)
Disarm your doorbell - 60,000 Witnesses are on the way (posted 11/24/03)
Irreconcilable beliefs shattered family over blood transfusion (posted 11/20/03)
Unity draws Jehovah's Witnesses to Evanston congregations   (posted 11/17/03)
Watchtower to build residential towers in DUMBO area of Brooklyn   (posted 11/12/03)
Watch a clip from Donald D'Haene's film/book: Father's Touch    (posted 11/10/03)
JW position on blood from the Univ. of PA Health System (chart)    (posted 11/6/03)
Good news in the Vicki Boer case - media blitz paid off!   (posted 11/3/03)
There is Life After Watch Tower - visit to Russia September 2003   (posted 11/1/03)
Abuse Victims Do Have Supporters (news articles)   (posted 10/31/03)
Useful Watchtower news for the media (in-depth report)   (posted 10/28/03)
Contributions to the United Way may end up in the Watchtower's coffers!   (posted 10/28/03)
Former JW church elder admits molestation   (posted 10/20/03)
JWs spend nine long years in Eritrean prison camp   (posted 10/14/03)
New Danish book about the horrors of one woman ignored by the Watchtower   (posted 10/14/03)
Jury rejects plea to keep rapist locked away   (posted 10/8/03)
Watchtower cites success at "Give God Glory" District Conventions   (posted 10/7/03)
JW elder faces charge of sexual abuse at hospital   (posted 10/6/03)
Ex-Witnesses Now for Jesus Convention Oct 17-19, 2003 in PA   (posted 10/1/03)
How you can help and a Press Release for Vicky Boer case   (posted 10/1/03)
Protest Rally in Canada Oct 20th over blood deaths issue   (posted 10/1/03)
"Bearing Witness," the story of a Canadian support group for ex-JWs   (posted 9/30/03)
Vicki Boer who won sex abuse case must now pay WT legal fees of $142,000   (posted 9/30/03)
Canada Supreme Court refuses appeal by Jehovah's Witness girl re: blood  (posted 9/25/03)
JWs Venus and Serena Williams' sister murdered in Compton  (posted 9/14/03)
Canada transfusion trial to rule on new evidence  (posted 9/11/03)
Annual conventions in Russia disrupted and cancelled  (posted 9/10/03)
Omaha hospital withdraws lawsuit over blood  (posted 9/10/03)
Omaha hospital sues to force tot's surgery  (posted 9/10/03)
Witnesses can go door-to-door in Blaineville, Montreal  (posted 9/04/03)
Watchtower to move printing operations upstate  (posted 9/02/03)
Christianity Today article on JWs being highest in switching religions  (posted 8/28/03)
HELP Silentlambs with new abuse Educational Program  (posted 8/27/03)
JW father kills self and own 12-year old son  (posted 8/26/03)
An INDICTMENT against the Watchtower re: their hypocrisy and crimes (PDF format)  (posted 8/19/03)
Witness convention becomes special event for Waco couple  (posted 8/18/03)
Bethany's battle rages a year after her death  (posted 8/15/03)
JWs hit with rash of sex abuse suits - San Francisco Chronicle  (posted 7/31/03)
NATIONWIDE lawsuits allege cover up of sexual abuse by Jehovah's Witnesses  (posted 7/29/03)
Laurie Roth Show/William H. Bowen Radio Interview Transcript  (posted 7/28/03)
Bethany's Battle Rages a Year After Her Death - Custody Battle over sister  (posted 7/25/03)
Watchtower asking woman to pay legal fees in sex abuse suit  (posted 7/25/03)
Islanders furious as JW pedophile back in their midst  (posted 7/21/03)
More than 6,500 area Jehovah's Witnesses are in Columbus for a weekend convention  (posted 7/19/03)
Watchtower attacks abuse survivors in Sweden! Spreads misinformation...  (posted 7/17/03)
Long Beach Calif. Convention involves trading free work for usage  (posted 7/16/03)
Some old molest charges may stand (abuse issues)  (posted 7/14/03)
Text from Vicky Boer decision/sexual abuse trial  (posted 7/11/03)
New "Great Teacher" book from assemblies addresses molestation  (posted 7/8/03)
Jehovah's Witnesses gain strength from Ogden Gathering  (posted 7/7/03)
Witnesses to Abuse  (posted 7/7/03)
LANDMARK DECISION - Vicki Boer vs Watchtower Society  (posted 6/30/03)
Sell of WT property could eventually convert into $500,000,000 in apts.  (posted 6/27/03)
Judge: Elders NOT required to report abuse (news and discussion)  (posted 6/25/03)
Jehovah's Witnesses pack Silverdome for convention (posted 6/24/03)
Butcher in France reacts violently to JWs preaching end of world, knifes 6 (posted 6/20/03)
Oakland Press on "Give God Glory" District convention (posted 6/20/03)
Canadian poll shows 73% think Witnesses should have a permit to proselytize (posted 6/19/03)
Jehovah's Witnesses lawyer cites 1959 landmark ruling on rights (posted 6/17/03)
WTBTS financial empire: the tip of the iceberg! (posted 6/16/03)
Disfellowshipping/suicide figures in Oregon murder case (posted 6/13/03)
Article from The Brooklyn Paper on WT waterfront property for sale (posted 6/10/03)
Special tour groups to tour WT New York headquarters (posted 6/10/03)
Witness musician Prince adds religion to his onstage performances (posted 6/6/03)
Judge OKs release of JW sexual predator (posted 6/6/03)
WT wants to begin downsizing Brooklyn slowly, moving North (posted 5/29/03)
Russia requires "expert study" to be done on JW literature as safeguard (posted 5/27/03)
'Boston Movement' (Kip McKean) falters for lack of leader, Governing Body (posted 5/20/03)    
Watchtower releases "Protect Your Children" program in Germany to counter abuse reports (posted 5/20/03)    
Former JW elder declared innocent of child molestation (posted 5/19/03)    
Timeline of events on Watchtower/pedophile issues (updated  weekly) (posted 5/12/03)    
Invitation to join SNAP (survivors network) conference in New York on May 17 (posted 5/8/03)    
JWs in Tajikistan fined for meeting in home groups (posted 5/7/03)    
Watchtower advertises against pedophile issue in Sweden (posted 5/6/03)    
Drug dealer guilty of killing JW grandmother of three (posted 4/30/03)    
Author Diane Wilson speaks out about her escape from the Witnesses (posted 4/27/03)    
CBS News with Silentlambs (posted 4/28/03)    
Car accelerates out of control and plows into a crowd exiting a JW Assembly (posted 4/20/03)    
Disabled JW couple goes on holiday to commit suicide (posted 4/15/03)    
Famous Swedish TV Journalist exposes WT pedophile cover-up (posted 4/12/03)    
Christian Longo on trial: Wife said, "You killed us all" (related to disfellowshipping) (posted 4/10/03) 
Windows Media Interview with Bill Bowen of Silentlambs (March 2003) (posted 4/8/03)    
Milton Henschel, previous WT president dies (updated 3/27/03)    
Review of workshop with Steven Hassan and AFF conferences to come (posted 3/20/03)    
Mormon religion made Elizabeth Smart vulnerable, Hassan says (posted 3/19/03)    
WT says re: pedophiles issue "we are no worse than other religions" (posted 3/14/03)    
Circuit Overseers pushing elders to visit inactive ones  #1   #2     
3 new news articles on JWs accepting hemoglobin  #1   #2   #3  
47 new articles about the Oregon Longo murders (posted 3/12/03)  
Retired LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman radio interviews on child abuse and WT (posted 3/6/03)  
Watchtower to move printing operations upstate, keep Brooklyn property (posted 3/1/03)  
International Churches of Christ (ICOC) face breakup, compare Watchtower (posted 2/27/03)  
Two N.H. sisters may pursue church abuse case (posted 2/26/03)  
Oprah on TV interviewing a child molester today (posted 2/25/03)  
Jehovah's Witnesses under fire in Russia again (posted 2/24/03)  
Watchtower boasts over 1 billion hours counted last year (posted 2/20/03)  
Sexual Abuse and the Jehovah's Witness Faith (St. Louis; with video) (posted 2/14/03)  
Judge orders JW rapist set free (posted 2/12/03)  
WT Society orders new MAN Roland presses for its branches  (posted 2/11/03)  
Triangles of Courage (Nazi persecution)  (posted 2/6/03)  
Former JWs press church to disclose abuse files (Canada)  (posted 2/6/03)  
Mark Fuhrman Show to host silentlambs today (31st) at 3 PM West Coast time  (posted 1/31/03)  
German program on Watchtower pedophiles to air Feb. 16th  (posted 1/29/03)  
CBC Canada to air WT child abuse program Jan. 29  (posted 1/27/03)  
Who pays for child abuse court expenses?  (posted 1/21/03)  
"Witnesses to Pain" in Las Vegas Weekly  (posted 1/21/03)  
Serena Williams fined for swearing  (posted 1/20/03)  
JW minister in Massachusetts to face sex charges after 20 years  (posted 1/17/03)  
Silentlambs in Las Vegas draws media attention  (posted 1/14/03)  
Charity law in UK brought under investigation re: selfish churches  (posted 1/13/03)  
Canadian "Fifth Estate" to air program on WT child abuse Jan 29th  (posted 1/12/03)  
Author Diane Wilson gives radio interview on January 17th  (posted 1/10/03)  
New blood documents released at Service Meeting 2003  (posted 1/10/03)  
Kim Il-Sung's Big Brother Cult Survives in N.Korea  (posted 1/9/03)  
Jehovah's Witness abuse policy being challenged in court (includes video at bottom)  (posted 1/9/03)  
History of Watchtower commands to shun family members  (posted 1/7/03)  
Links seen in family slayings in top 10 murders of 2002  (posted 1/3/03)  
Silentlambs Press Release Jan 1, 2003  (posted 1/3/03)  
Lawsuit charges church cover-up in abuse of girl  (posted 1/3/03)  

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